Why Are Oil Changes Important and How Often Should You Have Them Performed?

Although we all know that our vehicles need them, not everyone fully understands the importance of routine oil changes. Where once it was recommended that you change your vehicle's oil every 3,000 miles, with the advancements in technology and engineering, they're needed much less frequently but that doesn't diminish their importance. It's recommended that any time over 5,000 miles is a good time to have your oil changed to ensure that your vehicle's engine continues to perform at the highest level. We want to explain the importance that your motor oil plays in the health of your vehicle and encourage you to schedule a service appointment online the next time your Volkswagen vehicle needs an oil change!

Your motor oil is described as the lifeblood of your vehicle because in essence it makes your car move. Your motor oil has three main functions: To protect your engine from any intruding dirt or debris, to lubricate the many moving parts and to cool those parts from getting too hot. All of these functions ensure that your motor is performing properly and at the highest level. When you wait too long in between oil changes, that motor oil can build up, allowing dirt to find its way in and causing the thousands of components to slow and overheat, causing your engine to perform less efficiently and eventually fail altogether!

To prevent your vehicle's engine from losing its power and performance, we welcome you to schedule your next service appointment online today and our team of factory trained Volkswagen technicians will get your oil changed and any other issues you need corrected taken care of in no time!

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