As winter approaches, make sure your Volkswagen ready to handle the elements. Mike Raisor Volkswagen has a service center available to keep your Volkswagen healthy and ready to perform during colder temperatures. We’re here for you and will work to make sure your VW gets the care it deserves. Continue reading to learn more about getting your Volkswagen winter-ready.

How to Prepare

With colder temperatures heading our way, it is vital for Layfette, IN drivers to take precautions to keep their VW up and running all winter long. There are a few ways to make sure your Volkswagen is ready for the winter including changing your oil regularly. Drivers are also encouraged to make sure there is an adequate level of engine coolant/antifreeze in your radiator as well. Additional ways to prepare include changing your windshield wipers and refilling your wiper fluid, getting a basic tune-up, making sure your heating system is working properly, and checking your tires and drivetrain system. As an added precaution, drivers should also make sure their gas tank is always filled to prevent getting stranded in the snow.

Visit Mike Raisor Volkswagen Today!

For more information on getting your Volkswagen ready for winter, make your way to Mike Raisor Volkswagen in Lafayette, IN. We have a service center with a team of professionals here to assist you today. Contact us or stop by Mike Raisor Volkswagen to learn more and to take advantage of our current service specials.

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