With fall coming fast, winter will be here before you know it, but being prepared is always a good thing. That's why if you know you're in need of a new set of tires or are thinking about adding snow tires to your vehicle, come see us at Mike Raisor Volkswagen as we'd be happy to help.

Our tire center has many different tires for sale which includes brand name options and a multitude of different types of tires from summer to all-season, and winter tires, all of which we can find the right fit for your particular vehicle, whether it's a VW or any other brand. We can help you find the right fit and install them here with our service center, who also works hard to keep your tires fresh and lasting as long as possible with routine and essential tire maintenance.

We'll check your tire tread levels and let you know how long you have to ride on your current set before needing to get new ones, we can perform tire rotations to reduce the tread wear and balance the load so they last as long as possible. We also can give your vehicle an alignment which sets the wheels in the right position so the tires they touch the road surface smoothly and provide you a better drive.

Our service team has you covered and if you're looking to get a new set of tires or are in need of services for your vehicle, our team can help you. Get in touch with us by scheduling an appointment online as we'd be happy to take time to provide you with the right tire sales and service you need!

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