In extraordinary times, it is up to business leaders to take care of their employees and clients with all of their resources. You are seeing it right now, as corporations everywhere are shifting gears and doing what they can to keep people safe. Anyone who knows Volkswagen values knows the company will not shine away from helping others. That has never been more apparent than right now, as employees are chipping in to fight this global pandemic.

In early April, Volkswagen joined forces with Airbus, and the "Mobility Goes Additive" organization of 250 other companies, to begin printing face shields. Volkswagen is using 3D printers at its Worldwide headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, and its assembly plant in Ingolstadt, Germany, to produce thousands of masks to be donated to Spain. The initiative came at the request of Spain's government.

Volkswagen, alone, has dedicated 30 personnel to the process, with 50 3D printers in all, being used by each organization. The plants produced have more than 1,000 units in the first week of the initiative. Since the pandemic started taking over the world, Volkswagen has donated several hundred thousand face masks to Germany's public health system. But Volkswagen's assistance goes well beyond the face shields. It is also donating $43 million worth of protective clothing to German medical centers and hospitals. It is even using its international supply chain and logistics network to round up even more supplies and equipment for donation.

Mike Raisor Volkswagen is proud to be associated with a company that cares for more than its new car inventory. Knowing Volkswagen is doing so much to help its fellow citizens is heartwarming. You should also feel good knowing there are companies like Volkswagen and the 250 members of the "Mobility goes Additive" initiative out there that are doing their part to help keep people safe.

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