The Last Mile for the Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle has been an iconic vehicle for many generations. With 2019 being the final edition of the Volkswagen Beetle, drivers from West Lafayette may be wondering what is next for the company. Our team here at Mike Raisor Volkswagen in Lafayette IN is excited about the upcoming new vehicles in the Volkswagen lineup such as the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport and long-range electric vehicles.

The 2019 New Year's Eve celebration coincided with the release of the animated short film titled "The Last Mile." The film centers around the life of a boy whose life was influenced by the Volkswagen Beetle.

We're welcomed by the boy sitting on a porch when his dad comes home with a new Volkswagen Beetle. We later see the father teaching the boy to drive in that same Beetle. We see different moments in his life, such as experiencing Woodstock to going on a date at a drive-in theatre. He's later driving his now wife to the hospital to welcome in their first child.

We quickly move on to watch their child grow up, graduate college, and move on until the boy is now an old man. The Volkswagen Beetle goes off on its own on its final journey as it closes out hinting at where Volkswagen in the new year.

The film features cameos from artist Andy Warhol and Kevin Bacon's character from Footloose with a performance of "Let it Be" by the Pro Musica Youth Chorus.

What does this mean for the future of Volkswagen? 2020 brings a redesigned logo for the brand that was on display in Times Square. For those celebrating New Year's Eve in New York City's Times Square, they saw the introduction of the new Drive Bigger messaging that is the focus of the brand.

Once the ball dropped, the 2020 Atlas Cross Sport was fully revealed and made use of billboards and digital screens in the space to help bring in the new year. For those that missed out on the event, the Volkswagen social media team will be showcasing fan-submitted content on the iconic Beetle, and you can stop in and test drive the Atlas Cross Sport when it arrives as well.

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