Quantum computing is a new and emerging technology with unknown but certainly far-reaching benefits. It functions by harnessing the unique, non-Newtonian physics that occur at the atomic level, and it has the potential to speed up certain mathematical functions in a way that could never be matched by traditional computers.

Research in this field has been undertaken by a team of scientists working for Volkswagen. They have been taking quantum computing technology and applying it to the real-world case of traffic navigation. As self-driving cars approach the market and become an every-day reality, the issue of traffic navigation will become more and more pressing. The scientists used hardware produced by D-wave technology, an industry leader in quantum computing solutions. Using hardware from D-wave, the team was able to provide navigation to a set of vehicles operating in a closed and simulated environment that would shuttle people from an origin to a destination. The test involved taking several stops along the way and navigating through the scenario in the shortest amount of time possible.

The success of this test is an exciting development for the team at Volkswagen. Their result is expected to become part of a product that will later be on the market as a real-life traffic navigation solution that is powerful, flexible, and cost-efficient. Furthermore, solutions like this can potentially have a broad impact on existing job industries. As self-driving cars become more common, the technology can eventually be applied to cross-country product transportation. The strength of the traffic-navigating algorithm lies in its ability to provide course corrections quickly. Rather than updating the optimal route for a given vehicle once at the beginning of the trip, the program was able to direct each vehicle with an optimized route at multiple points during the trip.

While the models in our new Volkswagen inventory don't currently leverage this advanced technology, we're excited to see what the future has in store.

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