For drivers who need to travel over wet, icy, or snowy roads, traction is a constant question. That's why more and more people are choosing models with all-wheel drive. With its newest version of 4Motion with Active Control, Volkswagen is bringing the best in traction technology to the new 2021 Atlas and 2020 Atlas Cross Sport.

If you've ever dealt with slick roads in West Lafayette, you know that not all road surfaces are created equal. In fact, every tire on the vehicle can experience different levels of wheel slip.

That's where VW's unique 4Motion system comes in. It employs a variety of sophisticated sensors to monitor the amount of slip on every wheel. That data is fed into the vehicle's cutting-edge software, making an instantaneous decision about how much torque to send for the best traction. Plus, since 4Motion is engineered to kick in before slipping happens, you won't notice a thing — all you feel is controlled handling and consistent traction.

To help you get the Atlas or the Atlas Cross Sport ready for specific road conditions around Frankfort IN, the 4Motion system includes Active Control. This is a special technology that changes the settings of the transmission, engine, and other systems. It also works with the all-wheel-drive for even more precise operation.

The key feature of Active Control is its preset driving modes:

  • On-road
  • Off-road
  • Snow
  • Off-road Custom

On-road, Off-road, and Snow modes are programmed for the different driving conditions they represent. When Crawfordsville drivers select Off-road mode, for example, the vehicle automatically adjusts the anti-lock brakes to enable faster stopping on gravel or dirt. It also gives you manual control over the transmission using Tiptronic technology.

Before you head out into a winter storm, choose Snow mode. It features tighter wheelspin parameters — that way, 4Motion knows to adjust torque and transmission quickly at even the tiniest hint of wheel slip. The result is exceptional traction and control.

Can you make use of Volkswagen's new 4Motion with Active Control in your everyday drives around Lebanon IN? Get in touch with us at Mike Raisor Volkswagen in Lafayette IN to find out how to test drive the Atlas or the Atlas Cross Sport.

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