What's new at Volkswagen? As it turns out, a lot is going on. Some of the excitement is surrounding the new Volkswagen Arteon. For starters, the highly anticipated premiere of the 2021 Arteon is scheduled for June 24th. It's always exciting when there are major changes to a popular vehicle. The new Arteon promises not to disappoint. Based on preliminary information provided, the new Arteon is expected to be absolutely stunning.


A key change is an update to the current four-door Arteon fastback. The changes that you can expect include an interior with a higher level of comfort as a result of intelligent design. There are also more expanded driver assistance features that add to the appeal of the Arteon. Perhaps even more exciting is the addition of another body type called the Arteon Shooting Brake.


The specific changes to the fastback include a refreshed cockpit that will enhance many of the current features. This will encompass the advanced MIB 3 Infotainment System, a modular infotainment matrix that's known to optimize connectivity. The ultimate goal is to ensure the driver and passengers can access smartphones and other mobile devices with ease. Many of the changes implemented are geared towards innovation and elevating the driving experience.

The Travel Assist System

Another feature that is likely to create a lot of buzz is the Travel Assist system that's intended to support drivers during long trips. Specifically, it's a feature that can handle functions like steering, braking, and acceleration. This is possible for up to 130 mph, and the driver will remain in control. This is quite exciting, especially if you spend a lot of time on the road.

Are you interested in the 2021 Arteon? If you would like to learn more about the updates, the new model, or any other vehicle, contact Mike Raisor Volkswagen here in Lafayette IN. We are just as excited about what's on the horizon for the Arteon, especially given the highly-anticipated changes and new model. We enjoy helping drivers across the region during the car search and buying process.

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