Spring is the perfect time not only to prepare your Volkswagen for the summer ahead but also to take stock of the effect winter had on your vehicle.

1.) Do Your Spring Cleaning

If you spent a lot of time driving on gritty, salty roads, a deep clean of your vehicle's exterior, paying especially close attention to the undercarriage, is necessary to remove any residual salt or grit that can speed the process of corrosion.

2.) Change Out Those Winter Tires

You'll also want to replace your set of winter tires with a set more appropriate for driving on hot summer roads. Seasonal tires each have their own chemical formula that gives them special properties like superior traction and flexibility in low or high temperatures, so having the correct set on your car is vital to driving safely throughout the summer months.

3.) Check Your Battery

You'll also want to have your battery tested to make sure it can stand up to the demands of summer after surviving the rigors of winter. Extreme heat can sap your battery of its ability to perform just as quickly as extreme cold can.

4.) Have Your Vehicle Inspected

If you're thinking about taking even a short road trip this summer, ensuring your vehicle is ready for long stretches of driving is vital to your peace of mind. Have a mechanic check for any indications that certain systems aren't up to the demand, so you don't find yourself stranded along an unfamiliar stretch of road.

A thorough check will include inspecting and topping up engine fluids, ensuring your brakes function properly and the brake pads are sufficiently thick, an inspection of hoses and belts for leaks or tears and a check of your steering and alignment.

5.) Don't Procrastinate, See Us Today

At Mike Raisor Volkswagen, our technicians are ready to help you with every aspect of spring maintenance for your Volkswagen. Trained in factory quality care and using manufacturer recommended parts and engine additives, our technicians will prepare your Volkswagen for wherever your summer plans take you.

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