What's the Difference Between Leasing and Financing a Vehicle and Which Option is Right for You?

Looking for a reliable vehicle? Perhaps you've already settled on a specific model but have yet to decide whether or not you'd like to own the vehicle outright or simply use it for a specific period of time. The decision to pick up a new car, hatchback, or SUV is a major one. You might not be a financing expert, but you've probably already recognized that making a vehicular purchase will probably be the second largest investment you'll make in your lifetime. Shelling out that monthly payment is one of the more costly expenses you'll be regularly making so you should be confident and sure of yourself after signing the dotted line on that final paperwork. There's no need to stress any further about this process though; we here at Lafayette Volkswagen are happy to provide our expertise to ensure you find your perfect daily driver without compromising your bottom line. Check out our breakdown of the differences between leasing and financing below to get a better idea of which payment route is better suited for your lifestyle and income.


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The Benefits of Leasing

Leasing might not be the traditional route that financing is, but it's a smart way to enjoy the convenient and modern amenities of today's exceptional models without tying yourself down to the vehicle.

Some of the benefits to leasing include:

  • A lower month-to-month payment than financing
  • Warranty coverage is almost always included with new vehicles
  • There's no need to stress about trading in your model or selling it once it begins to show its age
  • You'll have the option to trade in your model and experience the thrill of driving a new model every handful of years

If you're only in the area for a set amount of time or are unsure of whether you'll need a vehicle after one or two years, choosing to lease a new Volkswagen sedan or SUV might be the right move as you'll be afforded an entirely stress-free experience. With warranty coverage taken care of, you'll have the peace of mind and confidence to travel as far as you desire. You really won't ever have to give much thought about anything happening to your model!

The Benefits of Financing

As aforementioned, financing is by far and away the more traditional payment route American's have taken over the years. If you're looking to form a bond with your vehicle without worrying about additional fees or mileage caps, financing a vehicle might be a sensible decision.

  • You'll be able to experience full ownership of the model
  • There's no mileage limit
  • Customization is a breeze after you pay off the vehicle outright
  • You always have the option of bolstering the model's trade-in value
  • You'll have full equity in the vehicle if you ever decide to resell it

Whether you're a longtime resident of the Lafayette, IN area or are a newcomer looking to set up shop and experience all our community has to offer; financing a vehicle is a great option as it provides you with a great variety of options down the road. You may choose to maintain your vehicle for as long as possible and squeeze every mile out of it. Or, you may be more inclined to sell it to a third party privately. You also may opt to trade it in for a discount off your future new Volkswagen sedan, hatchback, or SUV.

Contact us after browsing through these financing options. We look forward to helping you select the specific payment plan that works for you.