Why Volkswagen Parts are Vital for Lafayette Drivers

Having OEM parts may not seem that important if you find replacements parts that can do the same. Well, the truth is you are sacrificing a few things if you choose aftermarket replacement parts for your Volkswagen.

Mike Raisor Volkswagen likes to keep you informed because we like our customers to always make the best decisions regarding their vehicles. The following are a few things you might be losing if you don't look for original Volkswagen parts.

What are the Benefits of Using OEM Parts?

Many people like to buy aftermarket parts because they are a little cheaper and, who doesn't like to save money? Trust us, we are in Lafayette and know the value of money, especially paired with the rest of the day-to-day expenses we all deal with.

Still, there are a few things you may want to know about OEM parts and why they are worth the extra cash, like the following:

  • Warranty recognizes them
  • Quality makes a difference
  • Ease of replacement

Warranty Recognizes Them

Vehicles that are under warranty do need OEM parts. Most warranties factor in the chances of you replacing a part or two in your car. This is because everyone knows that good maintenance can involve replacing a defective part. The problem is most warranties usually tell you that your warranty will continue to be valid if you replace the parts in your vehicle with OEM parts.

The reason warranty providers do this is because aftermarket parts are not always as compatible as their manufacturers claim they are. Warranty providers know that the consequences of using aftermarket parts on your vehicle are unpredictable, which is the reason your warranty may suffer if you choose to skip using Volkswagen OEM parts. You do not want to lose your warranty because you used the wrong part because that may end up costing more than you bargained for.

Quality Makes a Difference

Okay, another reason you may want to stick to OEM parts is because you can trust their quality. These parts have been manufactured by Volkswagen, and you know you can trust this automaker to provide parts that are worth the price. Parts that are manufactured by the automaker can be trusted because the standards are quite high, especially compared to aftermarket part manufacturers.

You do not have to worry about longevity when you purchase OEM parts, and you do not have to worry about your vehicle's performance suffering simply because you used aftermarket parts. You know how important optimal performance can be for your Volkswagen, especially when you do a lot of driving around Crawfordsville, Lebanon IN or surrounding cities.

Ease of Replacement

OEM parts were made to fit perfectly in your Volkswagen, while aftermarket parts may need to be modified sometimes. This means the mechanic is actually going to take a little longer to replace these parts in your vehicle. This also mean the chances of making a mistake are higher since the mechanic may have to modify the part. Mistakes, even small ones, can lead to other issues in your vehicle and end up costing more.

Drivers near Frankfort IN who really want to make sure their Volkswagen lasts and maintains its resale value should stick to OEM parts that do not require manipulation. The parts the automaker offers are meant to keep your vehicle's value in intact as much as possible. Keep in mind that Volkswagen lovers like hearing that your car has all original parts, just in case you ever want to sell it.

We encourage you to look through our service department so that you see how much we do for our Volkswagen vehicles. We have trained professionals who have been working on Volkswagen models for a while and know the automaker like the back of their hands. Go ahead and give us an opportunity to help ensure your Volkswagen stays in great shape.


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